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Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant
Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant
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Product Description

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant offered by us is capable of eradicating different types of physical as well as biological contaminates from ground or supply water that make it useful for varied processes. This plant is engineered with A-one contact parts & components, graded control panel, powder coated structure, high capacity membranes and approved techniques. With the support of in-built advanced RO water purification system, this can effectively remove chemicals, bacteria, odours, dirt and particles from water for safe usability. Having user-friendly operating system & interface, it can be operated by any personnel without putting extract effort. In addition, one can get this Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant installed in industries by paying competitive charges.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for providing odour-free, clean, and clear water
  • Outstanding water recovery rate and less rejection ratio
  • User-friendly interface leads to easy operations
  • Lower electric energy consumption during extended operation life
1000LPH RO Plants / 2000LPH RO Plants / 3000LPH RO Plants RO Plants :

IWT offer a wide range of USER Friendly designed Industrial RO Plant Commercial RO Plant Drinking Water Plants which helps separating suspended particles, color, smell, dissolved salts from brackish water n improve taste offer you safe, pure drinking water.

IWT RO Plants designed under the guidance of skilful engineers using latest RO Technology includes Recycling Process, Automatic RO Panel, Automatic Dosing System, Ultraviolet Disinfection system and more..


  • 1Yr Warranty for RO plant Except RO Membrane.
  • Best Quality Products with 24 hr Service
  • RO Plants with Minimum Maintenance
  • Long lasting service life
  • Best in Performance
  • Easy and User Friendly RO Operation

Reverse Osmosis ( RO ) Plant Specifications:

Raw water pump:

  • Quantity offered: 1 no.
  • Type: Mono Block Pump
  • Operating Flow rate: Flow up to 6.0 m3/hr
  • Operating Pressure rate: up to 36m
  • Motor Power: 1 hp/ 1.5 hp
  • MOC: CI

Pressure Sand Filter Vessel & Activated Carbon Filter Vessel :

  • Quantity Offered: 1 no.
  • Type: Down Flow
  • Capacity: 110ltrs – 330ltrs
  • Size: 13 X 54 / 14 X 65 / 21 X 62
  • MOC: FRP
  • Type of Media: Sand (Gravels, Pebbles, core silex) and Activated Carbon

Multiport Valve(MPV):

  • Quantity Offered: 1 no.
  • Size: 25nb/ 40nb
  • Capacity: Mx flow 5 m3/hr –12 m3/hr

Antiscalant Dosing System:

  • Quantity Offered:1 no.
  • 0-4 lph


  • Automatic air release
  • Constant dosing rate between 150v -250v
  • Control with digital display and keys
  • Highly polished ZIRCONIA BALLS offer excellent NRV
  • Braided 20kg/cm3 tubing to prevent pinching

Make: I-Dose

Antiscalant : Good Chemistry

Micron Cartridge Filtration system: (JUMBO Filter)

Quantity Offered:2 no.

  • Contamination levels of less than 100ppm
  • Filtration of : sand, lime, rust, fine particles
  • Filtration range: 0.5-10 Micron n more
  • Length: 5-10-20-30-40”
  • Applications: Drinking water, boilers, washing machines, pre-filtration in water treatment, sea desalination, process water, chemical processes..
  • Type: Wound
Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump (HPP):

Quantity Offered:1 no.

  • Make: CNP
  • Flow range: 0.4 – 240.0 m3/hr
  • Delivery Head: Max.32.0 Bar
  • MOC: SS 304 & SS 316
  • Speed (n) : 2900 rpm or 3500 rpm
  • Power(P) : upto 110kW

RO Membrane Housing:

Quantity Offered:1 no.

  • MOC: FRP
  • Pressure: 250PSI to 1200PSI
  • Size: 8040 / 8080 / 80120

RO Membrane:

Quantity Offered:1 no.

  • Brackish water membranes for RO systems
  • Flow rate: 1000LPH
  • Stabilized Salt Rejection: 99.5%
  • Type: Polyamide Thin Film Composite

RO Spares :

  • Pressure gauge: 2 no.s
  • Rotameter /Flowmeter :2no.s
  • Auto /Manual RO Control panel: 1 no.
  • Pipeline and fitting sets: C-PVC / U-PVC

Ultraviolet Disinfection System:

  • UV Systems can destroy 99.99% of harmful microorganisms without adding chemicals.

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